Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three exciting business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies. Our success is built on constant innovation and people who strive for excellence. Working at Henkel is much more than just a job. It’s a passion. Have you got what it takes?

Within Integrated Business Solutions and for our IT Classified Person Support & Conference Service department we are looking for a consultant.

What we offer

  • Remote and On-Site IT-Support of security relevant personnel (Classified Persons)
  • Advising and consulting of Classified Persons regarding new Technologies, Hardware, Software etc.
  • Support of Classified Persons during large conferences (for example Henkel Summit)
  • Providing IT Infrastructure on summits, conferences and meetings
  • Providing and installing LAN,  providing intranet and internet accesses, installing IT devices on summits, conferences and meetings

Who we are looking for

  • 3 years of professional experience in IT
  • Very good knowledge in Microsoft Windows 7 and Apple iOS (User interface)
  • Very good knowledge in Microsoft Outlook (User interface)
  • Ideally good knowledge in Microsoft Office 365
  • Broad experience in IT-Equipment

1.000 € Prämie

Infos zum Unternehmen

Henkel KGaA
Henkel KGaA

Henkel ist weltweit mit führenden Marken und Technologien in den drei Geschäftsfeldern Laundry & Home Care (Wasch-/Reinigungsmittel), Beauty Care (Schönheitspflege) und Adhesive Technologies (Klebstoff-Technologien) tätig.

Das 1876 gegründete Unternehmen hält mit bekannten Marken wie Persil, Schwarzkopf oder Loctite global führende Marktpositionen im Konsumenten- und im Industriegeschäft.