As an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR), your ultimate goal should be to launch and lead your own startup. We provide you with the environment to reach this goal.

You get full exposure to our business-building process. You will closely work with the etventure management team and get a high-level perspective on how to build a company. At the same time, you will operatively work on several business ideas and products to gain the hands-on skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur. Ultimately, we want you to get insights into a wide range of promising markets and business concepts and help you find the nucleus for your own startup.


As an integrate part of our team, you will

  • acquire knowledge in various target markets,
  • identify and evaluate business ideas,
  • iteratively develop and test prototypes,
  • launch and sell market-ready solutions,
  • and finally start your own startup.


We are continuously looking for people who

  • are excited about creating new products and businesses
  • like working hard to do great stuff
  • embrace a startup culture
  • embrace a startup culture
  • show an outstanding combination of analytical and creative thinking have significant experience with online and/or mobile products


You can expect

  • a management that is dedicated to your personal development
  • an open culture that fosters rapid learning
  • a job with high early responsibilities
  • a demanding but fair working culture
  • a dynamic team that you’ll have fun with

2.000 € Prämie

Infos zum Unternehmen


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